Food for Thought works with nonprofits to align their menu with their mission. A vegan menu policy is a board-approved, written guideline which states that the food served at an organization’s events and fundraisers will be entirely plant-based (no meat, dairy, eggs). Adopting a vegan menu policy is better for animals, the environment, and human welfare.


Why Adopt a Policy

Check out the many reasons why you should
adopt a vegan menu policy!


Why Vegan

Learn how animal agriculture affects farmed animals,
the environment, wildlife, and human welfare.


How to adopt a policy

Adopting a vegan menu policy is easy!
Follow these simple steps.


Sample Policies

Need inspiration in building your own vegan menu policy?
Check out these sample policies.

_Consistent with its mission to promote the welfare of chimpanzees and other beings, Friends of Washoe has a policy of serving only vegan food at any events._.png
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Policy Leaders

We have over 400 organizations in the United States and Canada who have a policy to serve vegan or vegetarian food at their events.



See what nonprofit executives and public figures have to
say about adopting a vegan menu policy.

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