Policy Grant Recipient: Whole Dog Academy

Whole Dog Academy.png

Food for Thought is excited to announce Whole Dog Academy as our newest policy grant recipient! Based in Oregon, Whole Dog Academy works to improve the human and canine relationship. They educate shelter and rescue staff, veterinarians, dog trainers, and the general public on reward-based, force-free training. They offer several programs to their community including a Dog Trainer Certificate Program, a low-cost Community Training Program, seminars, workshops, animal behavior research, shelter dog training, and they even have a canine behavior conference called WagCon! We love that Whole Dog Academy's educational outreach keeps dogs in homes and out of shelters!    

Another reason to love Whole Dog Academy is that they have a vegan menu policy! They believe that their commitment to animal welfare does not end with canines. As they stated, "Whole Dog Academy understands that our organization has a responsibility to not only adopt, but to promote and educate about humane practices and the compassion that all animals deserve. Adopting a vegan-only menus policy is one step toward making our organization the best stewards of animal health and welfare that we can be." 

Congratulations on adopting a vegan menu policy!