Host With Your Heart

Your organization’s mission is at the heart of every choice you make. The food you serve should best reflect your organization’s values since they are on display at the events you host and share with others. From elaborate galas, intimate cocktail hours, and staff brunches, to volunteer luncheons, community gatherings, or board meetings. 

Nonprofits recognize and work for the people, animals, and our planet. By hosting vegan events, you are helping to reduce harm to animals and the environment, effectively allowing the heart of your mission to shine through. 

Won’t you join us in Hosting with your Heart?

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Sample Menus

Hosting a vegan event and need inspiration?
Check out our sample menus!



Ask companies to donate vegan
food products or coupons for your event.

Click above to view a list of companies who will donate vegan products to your next event.


Other Tips

“So what are some practical suggestions to make vegetarian and vegan food at your event more accommodating? Try simply catering from a local vegetarian or vegan caterer in your city. Some cities have a vegetarian society with a directory of local veg-friendly restaurants and catering services, like the Toronto Vegetarian Association, the National Capital Vegetarian Association, the Boston Vegetarian Society and Earthsave Canada (among many more).”
— Green Event Ninjas