The Food for Thought program needs your help! Learn more about the many ways to can get involved in and support our work.



Do you want to advocate for farmed animals in your community and promote Food for Thought’s mission? Join our Advocate Network to get more information on effective steps you can take to advocate for animal-friendly menu policies in your community.



Do you want to know if your local organization has a policy to serve only vegan food at their events? Visit our report card to view who has a policy and who doesn’t. If your local shelter doesn’t have a vegan policy, contact them to encourage them to make this compassionate change!



Do you want to spread the vegan message and gain professional experience in the animal protection movement? Volunteer to help expand the Food for Thought campaign. Help us reach more organizations to adopt vegan menu policies!



If you would like to support the Food for Thought program and the work we do to encourage nonprofits to serve only vegan food at their events, consider making a donation! We are a program of Animal Place, so we are appreciative of any donations given through their Classy donation page linked below.