The Last Pig Film Screening & Vegan Event Grant

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pausing our event grant applications; we intend to open applications again in early 2021; however, please check back regularly for updates. Also, be sure to contact us about our policy grants which are still open and available to you!

We are proud to partner with ArgoFilms and VegFund to provide a free film screening of the new award-winning film The Last Pig to accompany our vegan event grant opportunity.

The Last Pig chronicles the life of a farmer in crisis. Poetic and immersive, this award-winning film follows a farmer who, after years of raising pigs, decides he can no longer justify the act of killing. Stunning cinematography captures the life of a small-scale farmer and the sentient creatures he cares for, while his inner reflections carry us through his final year with pigs. This uniquely intimate film raises crucial questions about equality and compassion, while it celebrates conscience, courage and life.

If you would like to screen this inspiring film at your organization we encourage you to apply for this unique grant! ArgoFilms provides the film, VegFund covers the screening fee, and Food for Thought pays up to $1,000 in delicious vegan food — what more could you ask for! Read more about how to apply and the application criteria below.


Vegan Event Grant and Film Screening Application

Grants are distributed as reimbursements after events for food items only. Applications must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event to allow for processing. An event package including signage and a copy of the DVD will be mailed to your prior to your event.


Application criteria includes:

  • You operate as a companion animal, wildlife, environmental, or human rights organization.

    • If you are a farmed animal rescue or an organization that already advocates for veganism, you do not qualify. If you think you may not qualify, you can still apply to screen the film through ArgoFilms; click here to learn more.

  • You are classified as a 501(c)(3) organization or registered charity. 

  • You are hosting your first all vegan event, including beverages, condiments, donated food items, auction items involving food, etc. Organizations who have already had an all-vegan event in the past do not qualify. If you think you may not qualify, you can still apply to screen the film through ArgoFilms; click here to learn more.

  • You can guarantee that all sponsoring or partner organizations will adhere to this all-vegan event policy for this event.

  • You agree to display Food for Thought sponsorship table card and brochures at the event. (Note: these materials will be mailed to you before the event.)

  • You agree to show the film once, for the specific event for which you are applying, per film licensing agreements.

  • You agree to submit event report within 30 days of event. This event report includes:

    • Taking photos of the event. Ensure that Food for Thought has permission to share these photos.

    • Submit legible, itemized receipts for all food items after the event.

  • You agree to host a board meeting discussion about adopting a vegan menu policy and submit a board meeting report within 90 days of the event to receive the grant.

  • You have not received a grant from Food for Thought in the past. (Note: Organizations may only apply for either the policy grant or an event grant, but not both. Adopting a vegan or vegetarian policy after your event will not qualify you for a second $1,000 policy grant if you have already been awarded the $1,000 event grant.)

  • Note: Preference will be given to organizations with brick and mortar facilities that regularly host public events.

  • Note: We approve your application before the event, but do not reimburse you for the cost of the food until after the event. Approval of your application does not guarantee reimbursement because we must receive the post-event materials in a timely manner to process your reimbursement. Post-event materials include the aforementioned:

    • Confirmation that it was an all-vegan event

    • Event report and event photos

    • Board report and board meeting minutes

    • Food receipts