Looking for some inspiration for your organization’s menu policy? Check out a variety of menu policies currently in place at organizations like yours.

Animal Aid (VG)
At the heart of Animal Aid’s mission is the desire to prevent animal suffering and promote compassion, respect, and the need to be kind and responsible stewards. In keeping with this, we are committed to serving a vegetarian and/or vegan menu at all functions hosted by Animal Aid, including fundraisers, community events, volunteer appreciations, and more. Through these efforts, we hope to reduce animal suffering, foster public dialogue, and honor our commitment to passionately serving animals and the people they love.

Animal Rescue Inc. (V)
As a rescue organization, Animal Rescue, Inc.'s staff and volunteers see first-hand the senseless suffering that is inflicted upon innocent animals on a daily basis… It is, therefore, the policy of Animal Rescue, Inc. that only vegan food will be provided at all shelter-sponsored events, from small meetings of staff and volunteers, to large gatherings such as our annual Dogs' Day in the Park Festival & Mutt Strut, to ensure that all of our shelter-sponsored events are free of animal products for human consumption.

Friends for Life (V)
Friends For Life believes that all animals should be treated humanely and with compassion throughout their lives. One way that Friends For Life chooses to support the concept of compassion to all living beings is that to the extent the shelter has control, only vegan (entirely plant-based) food and drink shall be provided at any shelter event whether located on or off the shelter campus.

Humane Society of the United States (V)
People support The HSUS to help animals. As such, our policy is to see that all HSUS events, functions, or gatherings where food is made available--from small catered lunches in our offices to conferences such as Animal Care Expo and gala events such as the Genesis Awards—are free of animal products. Where this is impossible or unworkable, these circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Windsor/Essex County Humane Society (VG)
The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society strives to inspire respect and compassion for all animals, advocate for their interests and welfare, and instill a belief in our community that all living beings have a right to be treated humanely. As such, we will ensure that vegetarian and/or vegan food options are available and identified at all WECHS run events. We recommend the same but do not control food options when outside organizations are the primary host or sponsor of an event.