Is your organization considering adopting a vegan menu policy, but your board is on the fence? Does your organization have some concerns?
The Vegan Event Grant is the perfect opportunity to try
a fully vegan event! We’ll pay for food expenses up to $1,000!



The Vegan Event Grant is a one-time reimbursement of food costs up to $1,000 for your organization’s first fully vegan event. This grant is perfect for organizations that are considering adopting a policy but has some concerns. It’s a great opportunity to try out a fully vegan event and see how your supporters respond. Your organizations will discuss and vote on adopting a policy after the event.

You may combine the Vegan Event Grant with the screening of the award-winning film The Last Pig for the ultimate event!


  • You are a companion animal, environmental, or wildlife organization.

  • Your organization has a brick-and-mortar facility (physical location or shelter).

  • You are a 501(c)(3) organization or registered charity.

  • You regularly host events open to the public where food is served.

  • You have never hosted a fully vegan event. You can still qualify if you’ve hosted a fully vegetarian event or an event with vegan/vegetarian options.

  • You’re planning your first fully vegan event:

    • All beverages, condiments, donated food items, auction items involving food, etc. must be fully vegan for this event.

    • You can guarantee that all sponsoring or partner organizations will adhere to the grant guidelines for this event.

    • You agree to display the Food for Thought sponsorship table card and brochures at the event.

  • You must apply for the grant a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event to allow for processing.

  • You agree to invite the Food for Thought Program Manager to one of your board meetings after the event. They will give a virtual presentation and facilitate a discussion.


  • Your organization has hosted a fully vegan event in the past. If you have, you might be a better fit for our Policy Grant instead.

  • Your organization already has a board-approved vegan or vegetarian menu policy.

  • Vegan-based organizations, farmed animal sanctuaries, or organizations that already have a board-approved vegan menu policy. Our grants are an incentive for non-vegan organizations to adopt a new vegan or vegetarian menu policy. We greatly appreciate the work you do though!

  • Social justice organizations. Unfortunately, we do not have funding for these types of organizations for this grant.

  • You have received a Food for Thought grant in the past. Qualifying organizations are only awarded 1 Food for Thought grant. You will not qualify for the Policy Grant after receiving the Vegan Event Grant.


  1. Plan the details of your vegan event.

  2. Carefully read over the grant criteria. Then, apply for the Vegan Event Grant a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event to allow for processing.

  3. The Food for Thought Program Manager will contact you to schedule a Zoom or phone call. They will ask you questions about your organization, grant application, and your upcoming vegan event.

  4. We will review your application. The Food for Thought Program Manager will contact you with a decision.

    • If approved, please follow the next steps. We approve your application before the event but you will not receive reimbursement until after the event. Approval of your application does not guarantee reimbursement. We must receive the post-event materials to process your reimbursement.

    • If denied, we encourage your organization to follow through with your vegan event. Consider adopting a vegan or vegetarian menu policy. If qualified, apply for our Policy Grant.

  5. We will mail you an event package a month before your event. It includes Food for Thought promotional materials. You'll need to display them at the event.

  6. You'll host your vegan event!

    • You need to display the Food for Thought promotional materials.

    • You need to take photos of the event and save your food receipts for reimbursement. We will reimburse food items only. We do not reimburse non-food items and alcohol.

  7. Within 30 days after the event:

    • You need to submit an Event Report.

    • Email [email protected] photos from the event and an itemized list of receipts. Remember we will not reimburse non-food items and alcohol. Non-vegan items will disqualify you from receiving reimbursement.

  8. Within 90 days after the event:

    • The Food for Thought Manager will give a presentation at one of your virtual board meetings. They will facilitate a discussion, answer questions, and address any concerns. We recommend scheduling the board meeting soon after the event.

    • Your board will vote on whether they want to adopt a vegan menu policy, vegetarian menu policy, or no policy.

    • Submit an Event Grant Board Report.

    • Email [email protected] your board meeting minutes.

  9. Once we receive both reports, receipts, board meeting minutes, and event photos, we will issue your organization a check for reimbursement.

  10. If your organization adopted a policy, Food for Thought will add your organization as a Policy Leader!

Note Before Applying:

Applying for the grant does not guarantee that your organization will be approved or receive funding.

Please read all grant criteria carefully before applying. Feel free to
contact us if you have any questions.

Our Inclusion Policy: At Food for Thought, we strive to support and respect people of all gender identities, racial identities, nationalities, sexualities, abilities, ages, religions, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Organizations that participate in acts of discrimination will
not be approved for grant applications or featured as Food for Thought Policy Leaders.