Do you want to spread the vegan message and gain professional experience in the animal protection movement? Volunteer to help expand the Food for Thought campaign. Food for Thought works to encourage animal and environmental non-profits to match their menu with their mission. Help us reach more organizations to adopt vegan menu policies! Apply below.


Organization search and database management

Volunteers for our Organization Search Project would conduct an internet search to find companion animal shelters, animal rescues, wildlife organizations, environmental organizations, and animal sanctuaries within a given region (state, metropolitan area, etc.). The volunteer would then collect the organization’s contact information and any applicable notes about the organization in a database. This task helps the campaign by finding even more organizations that we can reach out to, either identifying organizations that already have animal-friendly and earth-friendly menu policies or organizations that are ready to make a change to an animal-friendly or earth-friendly menu policy, thus increasing the reach and support for the campaign.

Organization outreach

More advanced volunteers can assist in the Organization Outreach Project. The volunteer would assist the regional coordinators with outreach to companion animal shelters, animal rescues, wildlife organizations, environmental organizations, and animal sanctuaries to identify if they have an animal-friendly menu policy or if they are interested in adopting one. The volunteer’s role would be to make initial, basic contact with the organization, record if there was a response, and if the contact seems promising, to forward the contact to a Food for Thought coordinator for further follow-up. This helps the campaign by increasing the quantity of our outreach, hopefully leading to more positive responses from organizations.

Social Media

Volunteers for our Social Media Project would assist by both creating and finding content for our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). We regularly post content to promote the campaign, promote veganism and vegan food, and to make the connection between farmed animals and companion animals (i.e. “Why Love One But Eat The Other”). A volunteer would help to find relevant content covering these topics, as well as create original graphics and images to promote the campaign. This project will help the campaign by increasing our online presence and exposure within the animal rights movement and to reach further potential organizations who may pass an animal-friendly and earth-friendly menu policy. Volunteer are encouraged to apply if they have previous experience creating social media content or management the social media accounts for other organizations.


Project Interest(s)